1Self-assembly, electrochemistry and magnetic behaviors of cobalt complexes with featuring imidazole–tripodal ligandINORGANIC CHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS外文期刊安燕
2Study on lag time model of fire plume under a sloped ceilingJOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCE外文期刊汪金辉
3Low temperature one-step synthesis of carbon co-encapsulated NiS2, NiS and S-8 nanocrystals by electrophilic oxidation of nickeloceneMATERIALS LETTERS外文期刊刘伯洋
5Processing, structure, and electrical properties of MnO2-doped Pb(Yb1/2Nb1/2)0.10(Zr0.47Ti0.53)0.90O3 ceramicsCERAMIC INTERNATIONAL外文期刊陈海
6Preparation and characterization of SiO2/polydopamine/Ag nanocomposites with long-term antibacterial activityCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL外文期刊董耀华
7Corrosion behavior of low-alloy steel containing 1% chromium in CO2 environmentsCORROSION SCIENCE外文期刊吴钱林
8A ring-like coordination structure constructed by Cu(II) and bis(2-(pyridin-2-ylthio)ethyl)ether ligandRUSSIAN JOURNAL OF COORDINATION CHEMISTRY外文期刊李晓峰
9Microstructure and wear behavior of laser cladding VC-Cr7C3 ceramic coating on steel substrateMATERIALS AND DESIGN外文期刊吴钱林
10Experimental and density functional studies on the corrosion behavior of the copper-nickel-tin alloyCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS外文期刊尹衍升
11Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite/titania composite coating on NiTi alloy by electrochemical depositionSURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY外文期刊尹衍升
12Wave radiation and diffraction by a two-dimensional floating rectangular body with an opening in its bottomJOURNAL OF ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS外文期刊张洪生
13wave radiation and diffraction by a two-dimensional floating body with an opening near a side wallCHINA OCEAN ENGINEERING外文期刊张洪生
14Radiation and diffraction analysis of a cylindrical body with a moon poolJOURNAL OF HYDRODYNAMICS, SER.B外文期刊张洪生
15Experimental Evaluation of Water Mist with Metal Chloride Additives for Suppressing CH4/Air Cup-Burner FlamesJOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCE外文期刊刘江虹
16The Study of the Critical Moisture Content at Which Coal Has the Most High Tendency to Spontaneous CombustionINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COAL PREPARATION AND UTILIZATION外文期刊许涛
17Treatment of evacuation time uncertainty using polynomial chaos expansionJOURNAL OF FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEERING外文期刊汪金辉
18Study on the Uncertainty of the Available Time Under Ship Fire Based onMonte Carlo Sampling MethodCHINA OCEAN ENGINEERING外文期刊汪金辉
19Influence of Alumina Content and Thermal Treatment on the Thermal Conductivity of UPE/Al2O3 CompositeJOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE外文期刊吴新锋
20Prolonged antimicrobial activity of unique sandwich-structuredMICRO & NANO LETTERS外文期刊董耀华
21Low temperature synthesis and formation mechanism of carbon encapsulated nanocrystals by electrophilic oxidation of ferroceneCARBON外文期刊刘伯洋
22Tungsten oxide nanowires grown on graphene oxide sheets as high-performance electrochromic materialELECTROCHIMICA ACTA外文期刊常雪婷
23Prolonged antibacterial effect of silver nanocomposites with different structuresCOLLOIDS AND SURFACES B: BIOINTERFACES外文期刊刘涛
24A Simple Approach for Force Finding Analysis of Suspended-Domes Based on the Superposition PrincipleADVANCES IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING外文期刊郭佳民
25Numerical simulation of the internal wave propagation in continuously density stratified oceanJOURNAL OF HYDRODYNAMICS外文期刊张洪生
26The analysis of second-order sloshing resonance in a 3-D tankJOURNAL OF HYDRODYNAMICS外文期刊张洪生
27In-situ Series Diffuse Reflection FTIR Used in Studying the Oxidation Process of CoalENERGY SOURCES, PART A: RECOVERY,UTILIZATION, AND ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS外文期刊许涛
283D flowerlike ZnO micro-nanostructures via site-specific secondMATERIALS SCIENCE IN SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING外文期刊尹衍升
30Structure regulation of Nickel (II) complexes with imidazole–tripodal ligand by altering the counter anions and the reaction conditionsINORGANIC CHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS外文期刊安燕
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32Synthesis and structural characterization of tungsten disulfide nanomaterialsMATERIALS LETTERS外文期刊常雪婷
33W18O49 nanorods decorated with Ag/AgCl nanoparticles as highly-sensitive gas-sensing material and visible-light-driven photocatalystJOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY外文期刊常雪婷
34Highly Thermal Conductive Organic Polymer System of PMMA/(Core-shell Structured BaTiO3@PMMA Nanoparticles)有机化学外文期刊吴新锋
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37Facile Synthesis of [Cu(SCH3)]∞Nanowires with High Charge MobilityCHEMPLUSCHEM外文期刊张玉良
38Structural evolution from TiO2 nanoparticles to nanosheets and their photocatalytic performanceRSC ADVANCES外文期刊张玉良
39Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation from Pure Water using Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles能源技术外文期刊张玉良
40Low resistivity composite catalyst for hybrid gas purifier with DC corona dischargeCHEMISTRY LETTERS外文期刊宿鹏浩
41Corrosion Behavior of Laser-clad Mo2NiB2 Cermet Coating on Low Carbon Steel SubstrateISIJ INTERNATIONAL外文期刊吴钱林
42Optimization of TiAlN/TiAlON/Si3N4 solar absorber coatingsSOLAR ENERGY外文期刊安丽琼
43A rolling ball method to make glass fiber reinforced hollow epoxy macrospheres used for a three phase epoxy syntactic foamRSC ADVANCES外文期刊吴新锋
44Microstructure and Properties of Laser-Clad Mo2NiB2 Cermet Coating on SteelSTEEL RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL外文期刊吴钱林
45Microstructual Evolution of a Medium Carbon Advanced High Strength Steel Heat-treated by Quenching-Partitioning ProcessSTEEL RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL外文期刊钟宁
46Low temperature synthesis of carbon encapsulated Fe7S8 nanocrystals as high performance anode for lithium-ion batteriesMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS外文期刊刘伯洋
47Fabrication and Application of a New-Type Photothermal Conversion Nano Composite CoatingJOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY外文期刊安燕
48Research on Design Method of the Full Form Ship with Minimum Thrust Deduction Factor*CHINA OCEAN ENG外文期刊张宝吉
49Evaluation on Bridge Dynamic Properties and VIV Performance Based on Wind Tunnel Test and Field MeasurementWIND AND STRUCTURES外文期刊马婷婷
50Potential of Using Cemented Soil-Tire Chips Mixture as Construction Fill: a Laboratory StudyJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH外文期刊辛凌


EI 收录论文(2013--2015)
1Films with nanosilvers improve biocorrosion resistance of aluminium in sea waterSURFACE ENGINEERING外文期刊刘涛
2A novel composite photocatalyst based on in situ growth of ultrathin tungsten oxide nanowires on graphene oxide sheetsRSC ADVANCES外文期刊常雪婷
3Large-scale production of tungsten trioxide nanoparticles for electrochromic applicationRSC ADVANCES外文期刊常雪婷
4Tests and applications of an approach to absorbing the reflected waves towards incident boundaryCHINA OCEAN ENGINEERING外文期刊张洪生
5Research on strength of an innovative cross-deck structure for trimaran船舶力学核心操安喜
6Modeling and analysis for deep manned submersible in concept design based on multidiscipline analysis船舶力学核心操安喜
7Expressing limit loads of pressurized structures by tangent modulus factors华中科技大学学报.自然科学版权威熊志鑫
8A numerical model for internal wave propagation in continuously stratified ocean力学学报权威张洪生
10A Modulus Algorithm Analysis on Ultimate Strength of Pressured Hull for the Deep-sea Submarine上海交通大学学报权威熊志鑫
11Analysis on Ultimate Capacity of SphericalHull under Pressure with Elastic Foundation Beam Theory哈尔滨工程大学学报核心熊志鑫
13Analysis of g round v ibration of moving train by using hype rbola- logistic model岩土力学权威蒋建平
14Analytical Solution for Wave Diffraction by a Hemisphere上海交通大学学报权威张洪生
15Microstructure and preparation of laser cladding TiC-Cr7C3-CNTs材料热处理学报权威吴钱林
16An Overview on Vulnerability Criteria on Ship Surf-Riding/ Broaching中国造船权威张宝吉
17Research on Vulnerability Criteria on Ship Surf-Riding/Broaching中国造船权威张宝吉
18An Analytical Modulus Arithmetic for Plastic Buckling of Stiffened Plates华中科技大学学报. 自然科学版权威熊志鑫
19Research of Structure Linear-elastic Fracture Based on the Tangent Modulus Theory中国造船权威熊志鑫
21Construction technology and engineering applications of capsule-type under-reamed ground anchor岩土工程学报权威邓益兵
22Mesoscopic Mechanism Study on Geogrid Treated Embankment in Mountain Areas by Coupling Calculation中国公路学报权威邓益兵
23Mathieu Instability Analysis of Deepwater Top-tensioned Risers船舶力学权威张杰
24Field-zone Model for Fire Smoke Propagation Simulation in Ship Cabins交通运输工程学报权威焦宇
25Crystal Structure of BiFeO3 Synthesized Using the Hydrothermal Processing外文期刊陈海
26Solvothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Lithium Tantalate Nanoparticles外文期刊陈海
27Solution phase synthesis of amorphous carbon nanoparticles under ambient atmosphere国际学术会议刘伯洋
28Analysis of the deformation field in the direct shearing test with use of DPDM国际学术会议刘文白
29Experimental Study on Deformability and Shear Strength of Solidified Dredged Soil国际学术会议刘文白
30influence of adding lime dust on compressive strength and frost resistance of fly ash recycle concrete国际学术会议吴相豪
31Corrosion behavior of duplex stainless steels (2205) in seawater in the presence of deep sea bacteria国际学术会议张丽
32The experiment on how the ratio of diameter to height D/H influences the bearing capacity of bucket foundation国际学术会议刘文白
33A DFT Study of Geometric Structure and Stability of Iron-Silicon Clusters国际学术会议于帅芹
34Photocatalytic Degradation of the Tributyltin by Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts国际学术会议张丽
35The research on the mechanical properties of the same curing agent of different soil dredged mud国际学术会议刘文白
36A conceptual tank model for urban storm water system国际学术会议刘兴坡
37SWMM-based Urban Storm Sewer System Modeling国际学术会议刘兴坡
38The Corrosion Behavior of Cu-Ni-Si alloy in Sea Water with deep-sea bacteria国际学术会议张丽
39Maneuverability Modeling and Visual Simulation for Unmanned Semi-submersible Vehicle国际学术会议吴恭兴
40Undrained Behavior of Desaturated Sand under Static Loading国际学术会议辛凌
41hree-dimensional finite element analysis on the bearing capacity of bucket foundation with different ratios of diameter to height国际学术会议刘文白
42Enrichment of anammox bacteria by a Sequencing fed biofilm batch reactor (SFBFBR)国际学术会议廖德祥
43Design of the parameter-adjusting human simulated intelligent controller for water-jet-propelled unmanned surface vehicle国际学术会议吴恭兴
44Development of field-zone-net model for fire smoke propagation simulation in ships国际学术会议焦宇