Years of Schooling: 4 years

Professional Category: Materials Science and Engineering
I. Educational Objectives
The program is aimed at cultivating the high-level engineering talents who are developed in an all-round way-morally, intellectually and physically, own high comprehensive quality, have basic theories and professional knowledge, engaged in scientific research, technology development, technology and equipment design, production and operation management, and anti corrosion engineering in the fields of  materials structure and properties, material preparation and processing, material corrosion control, surface engineering technology, coating production and application, etc. Graduates could work in the industries such as material, coating, ship, marine engineering equipment, metallurgy, oil, chemistry, mechanic, aerospace, military project, etc.
II. Education Requirements
Students are required to grasp theories and the basics of materials science and engineering, and are to be trained in research skills and engineering technology, owning basic ability to solve problems related to material engineering.
Upon graduation, students are supposed to acquire knowledge and abilities listed as follows:
1. A solid natural science foundation and a fair understanding of humanities and social sciences, owing knowledge of marine related disciplines.
2. Master necessary theoretical knowledge, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and mechanics.
3. Master basic principles of materials science and engineering, the relationship and essential rules in material composition, manufacture, process and equipment, structure and properties, application. Accept professional necessary basic training for material manufacture, component analysis, performance test, structural characterization.
4. Master basic principles and technology of materials science and engineering, have initial ability of research, development, production and management in material.
5. Understand forefront information of material subject. Master related theory and knowledge about surface modification of material, new technology of anticorrosion, development of new material, process and equipment of material production.
6. Master a foreign language. Search and look foreign language magazines. Read professional foreign language magazine. Owning the abilities of listen, speak and writing.
7. Master computer theory, has strong ability of computer application and engineering practice.
III. Length of Schooling, Academic Credits, Degrees Conferred
Length of Schooling: 4 years
Academic Credits Required: 165.5 credits
Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering
IV. Curriculum and Credit Distribution
1. General Education Courses (51 credits)
Requirements: 39 credits for compulsory courses; 12 credits for elective courses
2.Basic Disciplinary Courses (41.5 credits)
Requirements: the total of 41.5 credits for basic courses in the discipline.
3. Specialty-Oriented Courses (70 credits)
Requirements: 54 credits for compulsory specialty-oriented courses; 16 credits for elective specialty-oriented courses.
4. Second Class ( Extracurricular Activities) (3 credits)
Requirements: 3 credits
Ⅴ. Education Plan