The evaluation results of the class of 2021 postgraduate outstanding graduates of the College of Ocean Science and Engineering are announced


The selection panel for the class of 2021 outstanding graduate students of the College of Ocean Science and Engineering held a selection meeting at 8:30 on March 31, 2021, and selected the recommended list of municipal and university excellent winners, which was unanimously passed. The list is now published as follows:

Water Conservancy Engineering (Special) Class 2019

Outstanding Graduates of Shanghai: Yan Keliang, Wei Qiong

Outstanding graduates of Maritime University: Yuan Nan, Zhao Zixiang, Qi Lulu, Xie Hong

Grade 2018 in Hydraulic Engineering (Science)

Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai: Nie Yinghui

Outstanding Graduates of Maritime University: Liu Zhihui, Chen Yu, Cao Dong

Marine Transportation Engineering Materials and Protection Class 2018

Excellent Graduate of Shanghai: Gao Yuan

Outstanding graduates of maritime university: xu Yang, hou yue

Transportation Safety and Environment Engineering Class 2018

Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai: Chen Ziwei

Outstanding graduates of Maritime University: Wei Fuqiang, Li Shanshan

The results will be published within five working days, and those who have objections need to submit a written letter to Mr. Zhang Baoji within the publicity period, otherwise they will not be accepted.

College of Marine Science and Engineering

March 31, 2021