Notice on the adjustment of graduate students of Shanghai Maritime University in 2021


1. The document provides that:

Please carefully read the documents, notices and requirements on the postgraduate enrollment of 2021 published on the postgraduate enrollment website of Shanghai Maritime University, as well as the detailed requirements on the adjustment method, re-examination admission method, remote network re-examination and so on. There are instructions and requirements on this website. The content already published on this website will not be notified separately.

2. Operation of dispensing platform:

The National Postgraduate Recruitment Adjustment Service System of China Postgraduate Recruitment Information Network was launched on on 22nd. The adjustment operation method on the platform can be found in the detailed instructions of the platform.

3. Confirm the second interview notice:

Our school will send the second interview notice to the candidates selected within the time set by the platform. In principle, the candidates can confirm within 3 hours after receiving the notice on the platform. If you do not confirm, you will be disqualified for the second interview.

4. Send qualification materials:

According to the requirements of the interview notice, the candidates who confirm the second interview should arrange the qualification materials for the second interview and send them to the contact person of the candidates in each school within 5 hours.

(All materials shall be scanned PDF documents or electronic JPG documents of photos. The documents shall not be larger than 1M. The packaged documents must be numbered and filename in the following order)

(1) the front and back of the original ID card

(2) the admission ticket, from research network ( to download.

(3) The original or copy of the transcript (affixed with the official seal of the academic affairs office or the official seal of the archives management department of the unit). If there is any special case, I will write the situation statement and upload it to the platform, allowing me to upload the screenshot of the score in the score management system of the undergraduate school).

(4) Graduates of general full-time college in 2021 (excluding online education, self-study examination), fresh graduates of part-time adult colleges and universities must provide the Online Validation Report of the Ministry of Education and student ID card of China Higher Education Student Information Network (XXIN).

For self-study examination and online education undergraduates who can obtain the national recognized undergraduate graduation certificate before September 1, 2021, they must check the relevant certificates issued by the provincial higher education self-study examination office or the online education university that issued the graduation certificate.

(5) Graduates of previous years should provide their graduation certificate and China Higher Education Certificate Certification Report or China Higher Education Student Information Network ( Ministry of Education Academic Certificate Electronic Registration Record Form.

(6)Candidates who have obtained academic qualifications or degree certificates abroad should provide their academic qualifications or degree certificates as well as the Certificate of Diploma Abroad issued by the Service Center for Scholarly Exchange of the Ministry of Education.

(7)Candidates who have changed their name or ID number should provide their household registration book or a certificate issued by the Public Security Bureau.

(8) Examinees for the special program of Ex-college Soldiers submit their Letter of Approval for Enlistment and Certificate of Dismission from Active Service.

(9) Personal profile and self-report.

(10) Other materials that candidates think can reflect their comprehensive ability (such as graduation thesis, published papers, award-winning materials, relevant certificates, etc.).

(11) Signed and dated Letter of Commitment for Honesty Re-examination.

The specific contact information is as follows:


Reprinted from: Shanghai Maritime University Postgraduate Recruitment Website