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German professor Maria visit the Marine Environment and Engineering
German Professor Maria visited the College of Marine Environment and Engineering
Upon the invitation of vice president of our college, Liu Yingxue, on Oct.29th, professor Maria from the Federal Institute for Materials Reseach and Testing                      visited our college for academic exchange.


The schedule consisted of 2 parts. The first part was the academic exchange between Prof. Maria and the professors from Safety Teaching and Research Section of our college. Prof. Maria made a brief account of her institute, Federal Institute for Materials Reseach and Testing,   as well as the business and research fields. The second part was a lecture on "Use of Database to Prevent Fire and Explosion" given by herself to students of our college majoring in Safety. In this lecture, she explained the function and content of Database Chemsafe, as well as how it can be employed to prevent fire and explosion in a detailed way. In addition ,she also showed the experiment footage made by her institute on Fire and Explosion in order to make our students have a clear idea of the scientific research method of fire and explosion. What's more, our students realized the impact of the research results on the prevention of such accidents, which was very beneficial. 

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