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Conference on the Design of Graduation (Dissertation )by the Class of 2009 majoring in Vessel and Marine Engineering was convened.
At 2pm, 4th,January, Conference on the Design of Graduation Dissertation by the Class of 2009 majoring in Vessel and Marine Engineering was convened in their public training base. Those who attended this conference included Prof. Hu Rongshan,General Secretary of the Party Committee of this college, Prof. Gu Liya, the president of the Haihua Advanced Technology College, Prof. Gao Xinchun, Vice President, Prof. Zhang Daobing, Vice Secretary, all the professors and students of Class of 2009 of this major.
The conference started with Prof. Gao Xinchun's brief introduction to the design of graduation dissertation. He emphasized that the design of graduation dissertation is an important part of undergraduate study, which needs our special attention and should be treated seriously. Prof. Hu Rongshan made a brief account of the object, intention, basic requirements and organization of this task. At the end of the conference, Prof. Gu Liya gave a detailed introduction to the major task required to be fulfilled and the work needed to be done by the professors.


This conference made the resolution that 8 professors from Vessel and Marine Engineering Teaching and Research Section and 4 experts from the Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Corporation would serve as the tutors of the design of graduation dissertation of the Class 2009, which can be regarded as the beginning of this task and the solid foundation for its success. With the joint efforts of professors and students, we hope that our undergraduates will apply the theoretical knowledge to the engineering practice under the framework of training "3+1", bringing an successful end to their college life.  

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