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College of Ocean science and engineering organized students to visit haixun 01 round

On the afternoon of October 28, 40 students from the college of ocean science and engineering went to haixun01 dock at wuhaogou maritime base for a visit under the guidance of the counselors.

China haixun 01 maritime patrol ship is the largest, most advanced equipped and most capable large-scale public service ship.Is the Shanghai maritime bureau, the largest since the building of the bureau of basic construction projects, with strong processing and transmission of information collection, integrated command, maritime supervision and relief of life at sea, ship in distress towing, external fire extinguishing operation, the surface of the oil spill recovery salvage operation ability, and has the ability to search and rescue at night, not only means the China maritime cruise rescue ability on a step, but also greatly improve the ability of China's maritime rights and interests protection.

This visit is very honored to get haixun 01 jiang long boat captain personally received, and warmly led everyone to visit, do a detailed explanation.Captain jiang here gave you a detailed introduction of haixun 01 service so far.According to the introduction, "haixun 01" can realize night search, can carry 200 rescued personnel, can carry out simple medicine and equipment treatment for the injured and sick, the ship in distress can be sealed, plugging, drainage, towing and rescue, to provide security for the passing ship.Jiang also played a video of haixun 01 sailing for everyone. The students were surprised by the difficulties and dangers of search and rescue and law enforcement at sea.After that, the students visited the clinic, activity room, restaurant, search and rescue personnel greenhouse.

I believe that this visit not only let the students understand the basic structure of haixun 01 boat, but also aroused the students' strong patriotic feelings.Hope that in the days after, students can concentrate on learning professional knowledge, master more knowledge and skills, also for the society for the motherland to contribute their own.

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