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College of Ocean science and engineering has held three teaching conferences

On the afternoon of December 17th, the college of ocean science and engineering held three sessions of the conference in the 109 building of the college.

Yin yansheng, dean of the college, first made a summary report on the work of the college in 2014, summarizing and commenting on the achievements and shortcomings in teaching, scientific research, student work, spiritual civilization and other work, and planned the development direction of the college in 2015.Pan yi, director of the office, reported all kinds of expenditure and work carried out by the union in 2014.

Liu wenbai, secretary of the college, introduced the background and purpose of the college's formulation of the college's incentive performance salary payment method (the method for short), and read out the full text of the method.Teaching representatives to vote on the measures and secret ballot, the meeting live votes and statistics vote results, finally voted by the majority of the implementation of the measures.

In the meeting held at the end of the old year and the beginning of the new, the college summarized the work in 2014, planned the development direction of the college in 2015, and adopted the measures for the payment of incentive performance salary, which will be conducive to the development and long-term development of the college.

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