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College of Marine science and engineering volunteers to carry out the east sea beach activities

In order to make the environment of the east China sea more beautiful, but also to awaken everyone's environmental awareness and encourage everyone to actively participate in environmental protection activities.On November 1st, the green light volunteer club of college of Marine science and engineering participated in the activity of clearing the beach in donghai.

At 8:30, everyone will meet at the no. 4 gate of the school on time and get on the bus to the destination.When they arrived, everyone helped unload the tools needed to clear the beach and the midday grain from the truck to the designated storage location.Help sort, put.After that, the volunteers go to survey the site and divide the site.Then they waited in the field for other volunteers to arrive.

At 10 o 'clock, all the volunteers arrive.The students were divided into two groups and brought a first-aid kit. Then they helped to divide the other volunteers into three groups. The group of two led them to get the necessary beach clearing tools and led them to the beach clearing site.Upon arrival at the site, all the volunteers were actively involved in the beach clearing activity.Soon a lot of rubbish was cleared, and helpers carried it to the levee and weighed it.At 12:15, the beach clearing is over.Everyone returned to the depository, and conducted the award activities.

Although this beach clearing activity is over, the environmental protection is never over. I hope you can bring this environmental awareness to every corner of your life.

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