Ocean Environmental and Engineering College consists of two teaching & research sections: Environmental Engineering and Ocean Environmental Engineering. At present the college runs two doctorate authorization in Coastal and Ocean Engineering Management and Transportation Safety and Environmental Engineering. Also the college runs 1 first-level-discipline masters degree programs in Water conservancy engineering which includes 3 second-level-discipline masters degree programs in Harbor Coastal &Offshore Engineering, Hydraulic Structure Engineering and Hydrology and water resources. Also, the College runs 4 bachelors degree programs in ......

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  • Yan An

    1. An, Y.; Li, X. F.; Sun, J. J.; Tong, S. F.; Yang, H.; Yang, S. P.; Dong, L. H.; Yin, Y. S., Self-assembly, electrochemistry and magnetic behaviors of cobalt complexes with featuring imidazole–tripodal ligand. Inorganic Chemistry Communications 2014, 40

  • Yanhua Fan

    anhua Fan, Shuhui Yu,Rong Sun,Lei Li, Yansheng Yin. Microstructure and properties of Ba0.7Sr0.3 (Ti1-xZrx)O3 thin film on copper foils. Thin Solid Films, 518: 3610–3614, 2010...

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